We can say, without a doubt, that Carlos has always painted. He started sketching at a very young age and has never stopped since. Every night, before falling asleep, he grabs paper and pencil and lets his imagination wander, drawing thoughts, feelings or memories that, someday, will be transferred onto a piece of canvas. Born and educated in Buenos Aires, Argentina his mother supported him by always having paper and color pencils available at home. At age eight, he surprised everyone when he presented his “Red Riding Hood”, a delicate work in black ink that his family still treasures.

When he was nine, he was enrolled in the neighborhood’s art school, an associated branch of the School of Fine Arts of Buenos Aires, Argentina. There he was exposed to the Great Masters while learning techniques such as xylography, engraving, oil, acrylics, perspective, projection and decorative arts as part of his academic studies.

In 1973 his works “Paisaje Interior”, xylography and “Oquedad Onirica”, graphite were exhibited at the Salon Nacional de Grabado y Dibujo (National Gallery of Engraving and Drawing), also in Buenos Aires.

In 1975, Aubain and his family emigrated to California where he has been established since. While assimilating to a total different culture and, at the same time determined to keep his roots, Aubain entered his abstract period representing his feelings and inner struggles at that moment. The Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco admitted and exhibited his works “In Search of Enigmas” and “The Days of Creation”, both acrylics on canvas.

Aubain’s paintings have experienced several periods. From his excellent abstracts through his magnificent figuratives and from landscapes through portraits, among them, Brigida Grau’s portrait, the late wife and companion of the well-known Peruvian painter Miguel Grau, son of the also well-known Ricardo Grau.

His intimate relationship with nature is reflected in his series Magic Realism, Animal Kingdom and Planet Earth. Aubain embraces life in all its forms and defends his environmental philosophy by expressing the love and respect that deserves a world that, at times, seems to be disappearing, this preoccupation being now his main inspiration to keep on working.

In 2004, he returned to Buenos Aires where he successfully exposed in the prestigious art galleries Holz, Braque, and Bohnenkamp & Revale, among others. He attended The Second National Art Encounter in 2006 and his works “Tahiti VII” and “Tahiti VIII” were awarded with the Diploma de Honor.

He is now Lima, Peru determined to make his work known here and is already preparing several exhibits programmed for the present year. At this time, Aubain is working on his new series “Amazonia” and expects to have it ready by then.

Now a days Aubain alternates his residency between California, Buenos Aires and Lima while, at the same time, travels to other places searching for natural sceneries for inspiration.

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